Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wooden Basket Updated

My first official blog post!  

I found this basket at the Goodwill Home Store.... Hello 90's.  I got ahead of myself and forgot to take a beginning picture.  Here I have already sanded it and started to stain, but you can see the "lovely" before paint job.  I gave it a good sanding so that all of the paint/ decals were flat.  They were surprisingly hard to sand off.   
 Then added stain and let it dry.
Then I gave it 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Pure White". I wasn't super particular with the paint, because I planned to distress it later. 
Then I distressed with 150 grit sand paper and then 220 grit for a smooth finish.  I vacuumed it off and put on a coat of wax (I use Annie Sloan clear wax) and let it dry and buff to a shine.  
Now it's a cute little caddy you could use in the bathroom, for toys, or with greenery.  Endless possibilities!  

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