Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teal Spindle Side Table

I found this gem at a garage sale.  It was beat up, wobbly, and had an awful faux paint job.  Ick!
Here are the before pictures...

 It also had a very dated stamped pattern on the sides.  Even if the pattern could be salvaged (yeah, really not an option for me) one side was missing.....

So... I pulled it all apart and started over.

I pulled the sides off and cut new ones that didn't have a yucky pattern on them (welcome to 2013 Mr. Table) I glued in the new sides and tightened everything back up so it wasn't wobbly.  I primed all the pieces with a dark brown primer, so when I distressed with sandpaper, the brown would show through.  Then I painted them teal. 

  I distressed (150 grit sand paper) and then sanded smooth (220 grit sandpaper) the finish so that it could be waxed.  I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax. 

 It is a really pretty shade of teal, but still a little bright for my taste, so I decided to add a little dark wax. I added dark wax to the grooves and corners to give it more of an aged look and it toned down the teal, just enough. 

All Finished!

 A little of the brown and red paint peeked through where I distressed it more than planned.  I was trying to avoid this by using the brown primer, but I ended up liking how it looked and distressed it so more red showed through.

A delightful accident. 

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