Thursday, August 14, 2014

Custom Dresser - Pale Aqua Chalk Paint

Custom orders have kept me pretty busy this summer.

A client sent me picture from a magazine and brought me this dresser asking if I could make it happen...

With aspirations of it looking like this...

I was so dang excited!  How gorgeous is that dresser?!?

I hand mixed the color from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I used Duck Egg, Old White, Pure White, & Arles to achieve the color, however, there was no measuring, so I have no idea of how much of what I used. 

Some in process shots...  

When it doesn't affect the function, I like to paint the drawers inside & out. I think it just looks more finished. 

I had a heck of a time finding the hardware my client wanted for the price that I had budgeted in my quote. So... I found these for a few dollars more per pull (gulp) but they were exactly what I had in mind for size & shape. Luckily, she was ok with the extra cost to get exactly what she wanted. 

I found them at They offer free shipping on orders over $50 and the shipping was FAST!  

They are so lovely!  Too bad I'm planning to spray paint them nickel. 

I sprayed them with Rustoleum Satin Nickel finish (amazingly gorgeous color, even on its own, btw) & then used Annie Sloan Dark Wax to age them. They turned out exactly how I had pictured they would!  Doesn't always happen painting antiques ;)

I did just a little distressing because this dresser had such nice details for it.  I used 220 grit and then 400 to get it velvety smooth.  Then I finished it with clear wax.  

I lined the drawers with this paper...

Here is the finished product...

Obviously, I need to come up with a different staging area, I just don't have the space at the moment.  My hubby was kind enough to hold up the canvas drop cloth in the garage while I took pictures. lol.  

A vast improvement, I think!
What have you been working on lately?  My son started kindergarten this week and in a few weeks, my daughter will be in preschool 3 mornings a week.  Hello free time!  I have about 5 custom pieces lined up for people at the moment.  It should be a fun fall!


  1. It's beautiful - I'm sure your client was thrilled!

  2. you're a miracle worker! this looks so gorgeouslovely! bravo.

    stop by when in you're in the mood for lovely and the unexpected. :)