Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring Mantle

Now that spring is about over, I finally finished up my mantle.  Did you catch the sarcasm in my voice?  It's been 95% done for a month or so, but I keep messing with it.  I'm done and ready to share, finally ;) 

Unfortunately, the weather is cloudy and rainy today, so my pictures are not the best.  Sorry.  Hopefully I can take better ones on a brighter day, soon. 

I tried to keep the color story simple and bright.  I love the pops of yellow for spring!

I found the lemons and the wood pedestal at my local goodwill for 99 cents each!  Score!

The boxwood topiaries are from  The boxwood wreath is from

I made the bunting last year.  It is sheet moss from the craft store and I just glued paper letters on to spell "Spring" and glued it to some jute twine. 

 I think I will do a separate post about the window, but I found it at the Habitat Home Store for $10.  It was a pinterest project gone awry. It took many hours of scraping and cleaning, but I will use it for many years, so it was worth it!

Since it is a faux fireplace, I put a hydrangea arrangement in an antique powder crate to fill in the space at the bottom.  I would show you a less cropped picture, but at the moment, it's covered in legos.  It is a rainy day, after all. 

 There you have it...

Do you decorate any part of you house seasonally?

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