Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Custom White Desk

A repeat client brought this desk. She is a doctoral student and wanted a nice big space to study. This desk was a family piece that her parents handed down to her, but she wanted to give it a makeover first. 

She wanted it painted a creamy white and sent this picture of the knobs she had picked out for it. 

How cute are these knobs?!? I believe she found them all at Hobby Lobby. They have such a great selection there. 

 The top was in rough shape. It looked like the sort of stain/wood combo that might have bleed through tendencies.  I sanded it down and then I painted a test spot on the back. It started bleeding through like crazy so I shellacked it. 

This is what I used. I put on 3 coats. It's super easy to spray on and dries really quickly. 

Then I started painting the inside of the drawers. I like to paint drawers first. Then I don't worry about messing up the paint on the front of the drawers. Note: only paint the insides of drawers if it won't impair the function of the drawer. 

My client went with my suggestion of a pale yellow/gold color for the inside of the drawers. I got sooo lucky & found some drawer liner that exactly matched the yellow paint!  

 I was so stoked when my Amazon delivery came & it was an exact match because I had already painted the drawers. Yay!  

A couple coats of a hand mix of Annie Sloan Pure White & Old White Chalk Paint and then some distressing to bring out the details & some wax & buffing to finish it off.

My client wanted the chair painted the same yellow as the inside of the drawers. I found some fabric that had all of the knob colors in it. Such a fun pop of color. 

Hopefully she's getting a lot of studying done!  

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