Thursday, August 1, 2013

Late Summer Mantle

I wracked my brain looking for inspiration for my post Red, White, & Blue Mantle. I needed something easy to get me to fall. I LOVE decorating for fall!!!  

The shutters were in the works, getting painted. I had planned on just photographing them on my mantle before taking them to the shop to sell... and then, I kinda liked them. 

So I found these yellow hydrangea pots at an estate sale for $5.  Yes, you read that right... $5.  I love a deal!  

Then I added a few darker elements...
 A birdcage... This one is from Hobby Lobby. 

My iron/glass star that I've had FOREVER.  It's from Target. It's over 7 years old. I still love it.  It moves all over my house. 

This pedestal candle holder was a wedding gift from a family friend, the Thalkens  they have a flower shop back home & have the most amazing taste. This piece also migrates around my house, but is always out. 

My hubby recently brought home a Wood Wick Candle. He told me they crackle. I was like "oh great, more noise in the house... Wonderful."  It actually is pretty wonderful!  The noise doesn't bother me unless the kids are in bed, I'm home alone, & the TV is off.  Then it makeshift jumpy (I'm a HUGE chicken when home alone).  What he didnt tell me was that along with a lovely vanilla spice scent, it also has a hint of burning wood (think fireplace in winter).  It's WONDERFUL!  So... Big fan of this candle.  

Do you seasonally decorate?  Do you have accessory pieces that are out all year, but migrate around?  

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