Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Shop is open!

I'm so excited!!!  My little room at Unique Boutique, here in Fremont, is open!  Now to see if I sell anything ;). 

Here are a few pics of my space.  I still have lots to so and lots of space to fill. 

If you find yourself in Fremont, be sure to come see me!  


  1. I love your stuff!!! Do you have a facebook page for your furniture? I would like to give you a shout out on my facebook page and let more people know about your stuff. It's all so cute!!!

    Helen from Picked & Painted

  2. Thanks so much, Helen! I do have a facebook page! Funny little side note... I was just about to email you now that I got my kids to bed. I have questions about the crib you painted. LOVE the teal! Congrats on the new baby! your girls are darling. I will be emailing you.